Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top Albums of 2011: The King in Yellow, Eureka, Secret Rituals, The Valley, Night of Hunters, Forever Today, The Belle Brigade, Mountaintops, Giving and Receiving, The People's Key, The Golem, Deerhoof vs. Evil, The Errant Charm, Moment Bends, and Join Us

Whether it is Pitchfork, Under the Radar, or KEXP, I am not liking most of what have been picked as the top albums of the year. So, to counter-act the poor choices of the hipster mainstream, here are my favorite albums of 2011:

1. The Dead Milkmen: The King in Yellow

Caitlin Childs

2. Mother Mother: Eureka

Baby Don’t Dance

3. The Grates: Secret Rituals

Sweet Dreams

4. Eisley: The Valley


5. Tori Amos: Night of Hunters


6. I’m From Barcelona: Forever Today

Come On

7. The Belle Brigade: The Belle Brigade


8. Mates of State: Mountaintops


Mates Of State "Sway" from Barsuk Records on Vimeo.

9. Lake: Giving and Receiving


10. Bright Eyes: The People’s Key

Shell Games

11. Black Francis: The Golem

The Obedient Servant

12. Deerhoof: Deerhoof vs. Evil

Secret Mobilization

13. Vetiver: The Errant Charm

Wonder Why

14. Architecture in Helsinki: Moment Bends


15. They Might Be Giants: Join Us


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